Slow living – Month 1

Hello everyone my name is Elaine and over the next few months I will be here teach you all about Slow Living; what it is, what the benefits of it can be and how to go about slowing your life down.

I am a Montessori teacher in the mornings five days a week, a Farmer in the afternoons when I am needed, I teach horse riding at the weekends and I blog in the evenings. I live on a farm on the East Coast with my husband and three sons. We have two dogs and numerous sheep, cattle and horses so if anyone needed to slow her life it was me.

For a while I had been searching for a way to better spend my time, I seemed to be constantly jumping from one job to the next, getting loads done but yet always chasing my tail. There was never enough time in the day and when our youngest wanted me, my usual answer was “ not now I have too much to do.” Not fair on a seven year old who doesn’t understand.

After months of looking at planners, time management articles and trying to make to do lists that honestly were never accomplished, I stumbled across a little book about a thing called Hygge which led me to Slow living. I was hooked from the first few words I read and have been slowing my own life ever since.

Slow living is a lifestyle method, emphasizing slower approaches to aspects of your everyday life.

It does not mean sitting on the couch doing nothing. Slow living is a way of approaching your everyday moments, like taking time over breakfast, setting realistic to-do-lists, making more time for your family, friends or even pets. It is a way of being more present in what is happening right now. This lifestyle change has made me twice as productive, more relaxed and freed up time in my day to read, blog, play with my youngest and not feel guilty that I haven’t finished my to-do-list for that day.

The aim of my monthly articles here at Life Plus, will be to share with you how I have and still am slowing my life. I will hopefully encourage you to do the same with yours and will set you a little challenge to try for each month. You can do anything for a month. During the coming month if you would like to share your thoughts or photos of a slower you then you can find me here:

Twitter: @mybusyfarmlife

Instagram: @mybusycountrylife

When you share please use the Hastag #lpmagslowlived so we can all support each other.

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Elaine Tobin

My name is Elaine and I am a Montessori teacher, Farmer, Horse Riding instructor and a blogger. I live on a Farm on the East coast with my Husband and three boys who are all farming mad. My life is a busy one, I teach Montessori five mornings a week for school terms, in the afternoons and weekends I help on the farm as I am needed and depending on the season sometimes that’s a lot and on a Saturday I spend the day teaching Horse Riding. I write a blog called mybusycountrylife where I share my life and what I get up to. I started blogging a few years ago and was addicted the moment I hit publish on the first post I wrote. From the time I was a teenager I always loved taking photos so this tied in well with the blog and now I share them on my Instagram, I am a bit of a social media addict.

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